16 March 2018: This in from John Balean at photo library Topfoto in Edenbridge:

Caption: Bill Haley and his fabulous ‘Comets’ launchers of the Rock ‘n’ Roll craze, show their versatile talents during a rehearsal at the Dominion Theatre, Tottenham Court Road, where they open their British Tour tonight, The boys are Johnnie Grande, accordian; Al Rex, demonstrating a new style of double bass-playing; Bill Haley, Guitar; Ruddy Pompilli, blowing saxophone from a postrate position; Franny Beecher, electric guitar; and Billie Williamson, steel guitar. 6 February 1957.

Hi Will, We just got a UPI neg out and it had photo by Jim Archer. On the bag it is worded very much as staff “United Press Photo by Jim Archer” (United Press Photo became UPI after merging with International News Photos and Planet News) I couldn’t say how many Jim Archer images we may have but if he was indeed staff for a period of time at UPI London then it could be a reasonable number. Call the PPHP if you want more on this: [email protected] Phone 07802437827

Feb 11 2013: PPHP has put Bill Rose and the grandson of Jim Archer together following his request for information last year….

The email in part
Hi Will,
I worked for Jim from the start of Industrial photographic at St Pauls, until after just after the move to Farringdon Road. I know quite a lot about this larger than life character and the last time I saw him was in 1979 at Stanmore.
Bill Rose
See the full request here: Info Please: Photographer James ( Jim ) Archer 1950′s- 70′s